Mass File Editor features

A full-featured text editor

Supports all codepages available on your computer including Unicode, UTF-8.
Text can be viewed in any codepage and converted between charsets allowing to read both plain ASCII text and any other charset.
Supports both Windows and Unix style end of line characters CR/LF and converts between them.
System wide drag-and-drop allows dragging text or whole files in and out.
Unlimited undo-redo actions.
Can act as a standalone text editor for the every day use
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The powerful text operations engine

Allows building complex file processing rules list which is applied to the file with one click.
Regular expression search produces a set of matches and sub-matches (or sub expressions) all over the file and stores them in a data stack to be used as an input to other edit rules. The new text pieces can be composed from what is already available and put in making a complicated text-driven routines as simple as a mouse click.
Files are easily renamed using all the information in a data stack.
This is in fact a special programming environment designed for the text files processing
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Flexible file selection

User can prepare a list of individiual files, file lists or whole directories to be searched.
Files can be searched by name matching a mask or regular expression, directories can be searched recursively. A list can be saved for a later use.
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Processing all files in one go

One button operation on all the files in a list without user attention required.
Performance throttling ranges from maximum response to the user's actions to the highest throughoutput which allows both debugging complex rulesets in a real time and applying them to thousands of files in minutes.
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